Its been a while since I've posted. But since then, Ive been busy. This originally started as JUST a website. Than I got a twitter. The titter was supposed to be so people would see that I had a site, and they'd go to that. But then things got a little out of control. Turns out, I like twitter much better then I like creating websites. So then twitter became my main thing. Then I got an ask, a huffington post, a fanfic, you name it. So I guess I've been too bust with other things to update this site. Although, you go to this site, maybe once a month, maybe once ever,(actually I bet you just use it for common info) but if I updated often EVERY SINGLE DAY, I bet you'd come here EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well you come for TVD related things, so if you really want my opinion on TVD related things, then go on my twitter. Use this for character info, quotes, and summaries, but dont come here expected updates all the time.

Im not really sure why I felt I needed to write that, maybe Im just getting bored because its late. Either way, now you know. Thanks for visiting and dont forget to follow me on twitter: @tvdfancentral :)
I had an amazing dream last night
Here it is:

So I just got of the bus from school and I went to the ice cream store thats behind y house (Where did that come from!?!?) and then I go back home. then, i go on twitter. ian tweeted. he eating ice cream. AT THE PLACE BEHIND MY HOUSE. so i race over there. sure enough, theres him and nina, eating ice cream. well we all become best friends and live hapily ever after. then i wake up and cry cuz it wasnt real.

also, (in real life) ian and nina have been spotted on a plane back to atlanta. why so cool? cuz a tvd fan is on their plane and is taking pics for us!

UGHHHHH!!!!! School starts tomorrow!I DO NOT WANNA GO! Sure im happy to see my friends, but waking up early? No thanks.

And I saw The Possesion today. Not that scary. Guess i just dont get scared any more.

Sorry I havent been writing! I have been busy.

Everything relates to TVD in one way or another <3

I love Ian in LOST. He's just so cute

One day I will show you all. Being famous and admired will no longer be a dream. It will be reality. My reality. <3
Not much to write. Went to volley ball. Went to my friends house and laughed my butt off. Came home. Computer. Bd soon.




I love my twitter followers. They are all so sweet. I was told yesterday that it was nice to have someone as dedicated to the show as me <3 And I love people who love the show as much as I do. Everyone thinks they love TVD the most, but I've found quite a few people that relate to me a lot in terms of love for the show and opinions. <3 I love you #TVDFamily

Oh and this part is an update:

I was in Miejer with my sister. When I see a TVD magizine (the comic-con one i think) so I look at it while walking along, cuz i already own it. I BARELY stopped. My sister looked over at me and said "I saw you stop to look at that TVD magizine" Lol
I had to wake up at 8 this morning for three hours of volleyball. And at 5 i have to go to 2 hours of basketball. Ahhh. Life is hard.

I was thinkin bout tvd at volleyball....

Still dont know what my teache

I really dont have much today. Maybe i will add later.
So you know how I went camping? Well the hot guy knew how to do backflips off the water trampoline (20x more hot) and told us to try it. i thought NO WAY at first, but then my friend tried (and failed) so then i tried. I TRIED THREE TIMES!!!! Each time smacking my back on the water SO HARD!!!! My back hurts. I hit my sunburn. Ow. x_-
Just got back from a camping weekend with some friends. There was this super hot guy we kept talking to. And some other guys, not quite as hot though. And Im pretty sure the hot one liked me :D 

Still love the SPF video that Nina made. I showed it to my friends when we were putting sun screen. Those stupid people I call friends dont obsess over TVD so they didnt find it as humorous as I do.

Omg I need to meet Ian. I already have a signed card from when he was in LOST but i need one from him in person. I need to meet him!!!!!!!
Last night i had a dream that me and Nina Dobrev were best friends. lol

I also had a dream that tvd vamps ruled the world.

I watched Nina's SPF music video about 20 times before buying it on itunes. lol

on itunes, u can search "Ian Somerhalder" and a whole bunch of ringtones are there with him saying things <3

OHMYGOD there is this spam going around on twitter that i was stupid enough to open. it sent me a dm from someone elses account with a link and i clicked it. and it asked me to log in (like most twitter apps) and i did but then it gave me an error message. well its stole my account info and starting sending dms to people with the link in it. so it mad me send out spam. i have to change me