I hate myself x_x  I skipped basketball practice so I could stay home and watch TVD. Then it turns out we go to my sisters swim meet until 8 and then have people over until 11:30 and NO ONE would let me watch it. !!!!!!! I think im gonna die. It was on tonight right?

Oh and I wanna thank all my twitter followers, i never thought i'd even reach 100.

I CANOED TODAY!!!! My partner did NOTHING so I had to do all the work for all those miles!!!!

Lol. Me and my friend made some videos today. We were thinking about putting them on youTube, and thought that if we get famous from it, then mabye famous people would see it. SO we both did shoutout for random famous people. He did Simon Cowel. I took 20 mins to say something to each member of the tvd cast.

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