Its been a while since I've posted. But since then, Ive been busy. This originally started as JUST a website. Than I got a twitter. The titter was supposed to be so people would see that I had a site, and they'd go to that. But then things got a little out of control. Turns out, I like twitter much better then I like creating websites. So then twitter became my main thing. Then I got an ask, a huffington post, a fanfic, you name it. So I guess I've been too bust with other things to update this site. Although, you go to this site, maybe once a month, maybe once ever,(actually I bet you just use it for common info) but if I updated often EVERY SINGLE DAY, I bet you'd come here EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well you come for TVD related things, so if you really want my opinion on TVD related things, then go on my twitter. Use this for character info, quotes, and summaries, but dont come here expected updates all the time.

Im not really sure why I felt I needed to write that, maybe Im just getting bored because its late. Either way, now you know. Thanks for visiting and dont forget to follow me on twitter: @tvdfancentral :)

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