Delena ~ Meant to be
Damon and Elena deserve each other.

To those who do not agree, and side with Stelena:

Damon is clearly the better choice. As Damon said in the closing of last season, he will do anything for Elena, if it saves her life, even if she hates him for it. Stefan lets her make all her own choices (Nothing wrong with a little freedom) but the problem is that, even if the choice may kill her, he still lets her do it, just to keep her love. If you don't like Damon because he used to kill, do you not remember who The Ripper was? Who killed his own father? Who forced Damon to turn in to a monster? Stefan was worse as The Ripper than Damon was in his worst times. So if that's the reason you're Stelena, your reason just went out the door. You think Stefan and Elena should be together because they met first? Wrong. Damon met her first. In the season closing they showed a scene where Damon met Elena just before her parents picked her up from a party. Damon was very sweet to her. If you like Stelena Because Stefan was there for Elena when her parents died, then that's a crappy reason. If Damon had been closer to Elena, he surely would have been there for her, just as much or more. So that's no longer a reason. Love should not be based upon who you met first. Do I have to mention that Damon is way hotter? Stefan has a pointy nose. Elena knows that if she picks Stefan, Damon will stay by her side, waiting for the day she realizes who is truly right for her. Damon would never leave her. And since Elena knows that, she is picking Stefan, because she does not want to lose either of them. If she picked Damon, Stefan would run away, claiming it was to leave his brother and her alone, but really out of hatred for them both.  If you read the books, you will know that Delena is what is really going to happen in the end. If you have not read the books, I guess you're not a true fan.

If you have ANY other reasons why Stafan is the better guy, PLEASE comment and tell me your reasons. I would be HAPPY to tell you why your reason is wrong.

And to those Delena's out there, way to go picking the right side! If you have any more reasons why Stelena's are wrong, feel free to comment them!


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